Step by step (want to OC my cpu)

hi guys after i got the answers that i can OC my cpu i decided to do it so

my cpu is amd athlon ii x4 630 2.8

so what speed could i get to with a stable heat (i really work on my pc for like 12 hours)

i mean gettin a speed were it wouldnt damage my cpu even if i use my pc longer

and if someone can plz explain how to oc my cpu step by step plzz

my Power Supply Coolmax 600W with 120mm Cooling Fan CA-600

video card ati 5770 hawk 1gb

ram 4gb

Motherboard MSI 760GM-E51 760G, HDMI, PCI-E 16X DDR3
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  1. come on guys someone explain to me plz
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