Forcing USB root hubs

I have an M-audio fast track recording interface, it connects via usb, and is my audio in and my audio out. I also have a Xbox 360 wired controller i use for PC gaming.
when the controller is plugged in, it causes the audio to become distorted. This is a common error with the xbox controller, and it seams micro$oft does not care..
through scouring the internet, i have found that forcing the m-audio (or the controller) to its own root hub defeats the problem, and people are doing this with usb hubs...

What im wondering; is it possible to force a peripheral to use its own root hub?
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  1. My thought is if you're using a USB expander, reserve one USB for your M-audio on the PC itself, plug the controller into an expander. If detected by Bios and Bios allows manipulation of USB ports, you could, otherwise windows detects the settings.
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