How do you restore a windows xp account

I had a user account named Pixie. (there 4 user accounts on the computer). The odd time wen you logged on to my account (Pixie)something would pop up and it would say your account is being used, we will put you on this guest account. But I would just restart the computer and everything would be fine. But this time that didnt work, it just kept popping up. Now, it doesnt even pop up it just sends me to a brand new account, where none of my pictures are,or my settings. I am wondering how can i get my old account back with my pictures? Or is it goe for good?
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  1. You could try a system restore, but I think the best way to go, is to copy from another user pixie's documents and my pictures folder.
    Open any account. Go to C:\Documets and settings\Pixie (this is where all your previous things where kept)
    You can copy from there to another folder the next things:
    --the whole My documents folder
    --and even your old desktop folder!

    After copying, you can go to control panel (you can leave the pixie user account or delete it) but make a new account (if you deleted the previous one, you can name it pixie, if not, chose another name) ,restart and enter the new account.
    Copy the files that you saved(previously copied) to the new account in the same locations. If it asks you to replace then do so.
    That's it. Good luck! :hello:
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