What does everyone do w/ their stock cooler?

Throw it away? Leave it in the box? Convert it for some other use?
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  1. Mine are in the boxes. I used to tell myself they were backups in case the after-market cooler dies. I guess you could sell them at the recycle places.
  2. ^ pretty much the same they are in the box they came with.
  3. In the closet. I keep telling myself I am going to use them for something one day.
  4. I actually used mine until I got my Hyper 212. Its currently in box/closet as I just moved my wife off of S939 and only S775. I might upgrade her stock cooler with mine as its slightly better, or just sell on CL for $5.
  5. Mine is in the box, no reason to throw it away because the aftermarket one that is in use might fail eventually.
    Backup cooler:).
  6. Drive down the road and throw them at kids.
  7. /thread
  8. Keep it in the Box in case the CPU gets resold when prices on better CPUs drop !!
  9. I am using water cooling so if I ever throw this CPU at my other crappy computers, it would have a heatsink to run at stock speeds lol.
  10. Coaster for my coffee cup :P

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