Help choosing a HD I dont know importance speed cache etc? Help :)

Okay so i am building a new rig and it is the first time i have done it, it is through PCSpecialist so i am not physically building it but i am choosin all the parts... I dont believe the whole system is of any importance but please let me know if it would help you. I have a choice between... 2 HD's both are a terabyte in size, the first is 7,200rpm and has a 16mb Cache, the other is a western digital performance caviar green drive? It has a 64mb cache and intellipower? But it doesnt give a range... I would be pulled towards the WD HD because of the cache being 4x as big, but i dont like the sound of this intellipower, how much difference does the size of the cache make? I dont know what this means at all i am only giving you the facts i know, boths a 3gb/s which is the fastes my mb will handle so that is fine and both are within £8 of each other so price doesnt come into this, Thanks in advance for any help/advice :)
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  1. What is the brand of the other drive?
  2. The WD will be a more modern drive. "Intellipower" is ad-speak for "we're not going to tell you how fast the drive spins", but because it is a "green" drive, you can figure that it's probably a variable rate between 4800 and 7200 rpm. I wouldn't worry about it.

    But to make an educated opinion, like buwish asked, "What is the brand of the other drive?"
  3. It doesnt say i have read in forums that unbranded parts wil come from a 'trusted' vendor? They have many i think they just take the cheapest price... it isnt going to be of poor quality but it is presumably nota 'high ned' brand... Check out PCSpecialist yourselfs if you can figure out any more than me then please enlighten me :) I am no expert, thanks for advice so far tho :)
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