Looking at buying an ssd and need advice on what to get

I was looking at buying a ssd to help improve my computers performance after doing some research of what's bottlenecking my computer. My preferred sites are newegg and tigerdirect and I am going to install windows 7 64 bit pro and a few games on it as well. Reliability is a must and I'd like to keep it under $350.
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  1. intel x-25
  2. The OCZ Revo is the fastest thing on the planet.

    Sequential Read: up to 540MB/s
    Sequential Write: up to 490MB/s

    It needs a 4x PCI-E slot, but it saves you needing to purchase a SATA 6Gb/s controller (which would also require a 4x slot).

    Newegg has it for $345.00 after mail-in rebate, right under your budget.

    It's a higher capacity than the Intel X25, and outperforms it (Intel reads up to 250MB/s, but only writes up to 70MB/s)

  3. I was looking at the X25 but I like the revo but if I got the revo I couldn't sli in the future which is something I will probably do so I'm not sure if it's worth giving up sli for thanks for the replies also I was looking at trying to keep it a bit cheaper than $300 if possible but if not its okay
  4. my friend has the 40gb X25, i have the original 60gb OCZ Vertex. higher capacity, same cost where we live (new zealand). you can't even tell the difference between two, they both load windows like nothing. if you're upgrading from a regular hard drive the difference is mind blowing. i dont even get that blue welcome screen in windows 7, after the "Windows is Starting" screen my desktop appears...

    specs on SSD's are misleading because you're never going to do huge sequential writes since the drive capacity is already so low. access times and random reads/writes are what will affect the ballgame.

    the 80gb intel is reliable and well under your budget
  5. Yeah I'm really leaning towards the 80 gb x25 or i was also thinking about gettting 3 40 gb x25's and putting taht in RAID 0 but I have never done a raid setup before and don't think I should try it out with such expensive drives. I'm most likely going to get the 80 gb x25 unless there's something new coming out soon or someone recommends something else
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