Computer struggles and crashes during startup

I have a homemade system that was built in mid 2006 - it has an intel DG965RY motherboard with a dual core 6400 CPU, 4 gigs ram, Nvidia 7900GS video card, two 320Gig hard drives, and some other components. Oh, and it runs Vista Ultimate.

Last year, I noticed the computer would often shut down during the bootup process, but once it booted up it was ok. I tried re-installing Vista but it ws repeating it but later found out my 450watt power supply was not enough and replaced it with a 650 PS. It worked perfectly until this week.

I noticed that the computer would just crash for no reason while using it. Now when I try to start it, it seems to struggle as soon as I push the button - Ie, the fans and LED's turn on and like a car it starts but fails, it tries to start again and fails again. Every now and then (like right now), the computer starts fine and actually runs normally (giving me a chance to make sure everything is backed up lol). So I'm really suspecting something might be up with the Motherboard.

Here is what I've tried:

Replaced the Power supply again, but did the exact same thing.
removed every component aside from the CPU and RAM and it still did it.
Checked ram using memtest - everything is ok.

So is it the motherboard? or the CPU could be damaged as well? supposedly Intel has a 3 year limited warranty on the motherboard but it's the weekend and I have not been able to get a hold of them. If they don't cover it, I'll have to buy another Motherboard - is it possible to change motherboard brands/models without reinstalling vista?

Thank you.
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  1. If you have access to a volt meter check the wall socket for a voltage drop where your computer is connected. If everything is okay bypass the surge protector and check it again.
  2. I have one at work (oddly enough I work for a glorified electrical contractor), but I usually have the computer connected to an APC UPS and tried it both on the UPS and in wall. It's worth a shot however since my apartment is weird...
  3. Hi, as mentioned please check your input voltage. Which version APC UPS is this. If it is the 650VA one it comes with a software and the UPS is monitored by the computer which has an application called APC Powerchute bundled with the UPS(has to be connected via usb cable). Very handy tool. Thanks to this I didnt need a volt meter to check that my computer was receiving undervoltage. Without exaggeration, I will tell you that I have changed 3 DVD writers, two PSU s, a set of Rams, A Hard Disk, the list goes on. Unfortunately here in India we follow the 230/240 voltage, but the input current is sometimes so bad its like hardly touching 185 to 190 volts so will hear constant clicking from the UPS and the voltages spike when they please causing the Computer to get screwed. There's nothing much that can be done. The best I did was get a HuntKey 500/550 watt Green Star PSU which is not as costly as the Corsairs, etc, but does the job just fine and dandy and hope and pray that it survives the constant torture. Not much heating issues like before and though I sit days on end the computer is still alive. Touch Wood!! Also check for earthing in the power sockets and wiring of your apartment. It also wouldn't hurt to get your power connectors or mother board checked sometimes soldering may get weak due to bad voltage and according to the heating instability may occur and cause the computer to crash. Also check disks as they tend to get a little finicky after a few years and with constant voltage shifts. Backup your data though as often as possible so that you can at least have your stuff saved in case there's a crash. Hope you solve your mystery. ; ) Take Care and all the best...
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