Noisy Fan - what should I do? (intel Q9400 with factory heatsink)

My CPU fan is normally fairly quiet, however at random times of the day, it becomes very noisy and stays at this noise level until the next reboot.

Now i'm guessing this has something to do with a heat issue so i installed Speedfan and this is the reading i get (at a fairly low load.. just firefox, winamp and msn messenger running)

Are these reading normal or catastrophic? I simply dont know what they should be...

CPU: Intel Q9400 with factory heatsink
MoBo: Intel DP35DP
Graphics: Asus EN9500GT
RAM: 4GB Kingston
Case: Coolermaster Elite 330 With CM eXtreme Power 650W PSU

Should i go for an aftermarket heatsink?
if so.. which one?

Hope somebody can shed some light.
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  1. I doubt the temperatures reported by SPeedFan are accurate. Your CPU probably isn't that cold while the ICH and MCH should be cooler. What are your CPU temps according to Core Temp?
  2. In none of my builds has Speedfan actually shown me what my temps are. I always use Everest Ultimate for good readings.

    And yes, although some will argue with me.. I would ALWAYS go for an aftermarket cooler on CPU's and normally GPU's as well. Stock just never seems to cut it in one way or another.
  3. Turns out my MOBO comes with its own monitoring software which i installed last night and this is the reading i'm getting

    so which aftermarket cooler do you recommend.. socket 775
  4. Budget, with little or no overclocking: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
    One of best air coolers: Xigmatec HDT S-1283V.
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