Issues with external drive.


I've been looking everywhere and con't find a fix to my issue.
I'm not computer illierate so spare me the basic stuff.

This issue is that I took a WD 1TB drive from my Windows 7 PC and trye dto use it as an external drive for the same computer.

In the computer it works just fine but when I try to connect it externaly it will not in initialize it as MBR or GPT. I get an error saying that "the device is not ready".

It is showing as Disk 1, Unknown, Not initialized.

Once again it works fine directly connected but not as an external.

The external work's with other drives. It's a sata to usb with external power.

Thank's in advanced.
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  1. So you're putting the drive into an external case, is that right?

    Does the drive spin up? You can usually tell because there's a slight vibration and lifting the drive up and tilting it from side to side will produce a gyroscopic effect.
  2. Yes, I've taken it out of my tower (while it was off) and put it into the external case.

    Yes it does spin up.
  3. Have you tried applying power and letting it spin up BEFORE you connect the USB cable?
  4. Seems like a real puzzle. What kind of enclosure are you using - do you have a make and model number?
  5. Can you turn off SSC on your hard drive? Have you tried setting the transfer speed to 150 Mb/s if you have the jumper?
  6. pjmelect said:
    Have you tried setting the transfer speed to 150 Mb/s if you have the jumper?
    That's a good suggestion. Some SATA controller and hard drive combos don't auto-detect the proper protocol if they don't have the same max speed. If the SATA controller in the enclosure falls into this category then the jumper on the drive might solve the problem.
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