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Hello, does anyone know which type of cable i need to purchase to connect 4 individual Usb 2.0 and eSata Fantom Drives from Micronet:
a. GF 2000EU32 Fantom Drive ...
b. GF 2000EU ...
c. GF2000 EUC ...
d. ND 4000 (this is a 2 x 2TB 2 Bay Raid / unit)

I need 4 cables to hook them to 4 different computers all Dell Studio 540 w/4 GB of ram running Windows 7 Home Premium; so what cable type should i buy? Are they all generic? Or the drives or computer they would be used makes them necessarily different? What do i ask for? are they 'male' to 'male' or .... ?
Are all e.Sata cables equal providing you connect an External drive to PC's or Mac's (have an iMac too so if that one would need a different cable i would buy a 5th cable).
Thank you for any information and/or suggestions anyone of you could offer Me. As you may realize my knowledge on pc connectivity is very low i would say 4 out of 10.

Thank you kindly
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  1. Just from searching, it looks like the four PCs you have (Dell Studio 540) don't have eSATA ports built-in, so you'll need to go with using USB cables. Then again, I don't really know your systems' specs, as you may have configured them to have eSATA ports.

    If you do have eSATA port and if you really wanted to utilize the eSATA function, you could always install an eSATA bracket ( ) in the PCs, taking into consideration: a) you feel comfortable opening up the PCS, b) there is an extra SATA port on the motherboard and c) there is an extra expansion slot to fit the eSATA bracket.

    As for the cable, yes, they are all equal. Basically, they look the same at each end. Here are some:
  2. Thanks for replying, sorry it took this long for me to come back to Tom's place. I ended up buying a SansDigital 4-bay TowerRaid that came with its own bracket which i did install on the PC to give me 2 e-sata ports. Came with its own sata to e-sata cable.

    And the links you gave me became handy. So thank you for having responded.

    Cheers !
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