Q6600 Overclocking problems

Hey everyone im new to these forums, i thought id sign up to try get some help.
i have a q6600 G0 on my gigabyte 965p -ds3 mobo, which i have been running 3ghz 333x9 multiplier and 1.375V with 3gb ddr2 800 ram with safe temps etc. i have turned off visualization, CIE, EIST that stuff.
The other day however i decided to try 3.4ghz on 1.4v, my bios made the post beep, but then it just hanged on the logo screen a little longer then normal ( like 3 - 6 secs) then my screen goes black and it restarts. when i go into my bios my fsb is set back to the defualt for 2.4ghz and whenever i now try to change it (up or down) the same thing happens where it posts like normal but restarts after the logo screen.
I have also tryed raising FSB voltages, ram voltages cpu voltages nothing seems to want to work.

i would really appreciate it if someone could help me.
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  1. Have you tried clearing the CMOS?
  2. Do you mean taking out the battery and letting it discharge?
    yeah Ive done that. thanks.
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