Hard Disk Failure?

I'm in the process of downloading StarCraft 2... not doing anything else and just had a warning pop up that there is a hard disk failure and to back up my files. I just built the computer a couple days ago and was running fine until this. What should I do? I don't have any files to backup on the computer because like I just said, I just started using it.

It's a Samsung 1TB 7200 hard drive.
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  1. Which windows? downloading from utorrent, d2d or what?

    More info appreciated.

    all my life, never saw any this kinda error on windows (if you're ring it)

    saw disk failures, hdd going mad, breaking, but never any error.
  2. Sorry here's some more info...

    Windows 7. Downloading Starcraft from Blizzard (purchased digital version).

    I should have taken a screenshot, sorry.
  3. Contact Blizzard.
  4. The error reads:

    Windows detected a hard disk problem

    Back up your files immediately to prevent information loss...

    edit: Just saw your message. So it's nothing that has to do with my construction of the computer? Probably the game itself?
  5. Go to the Samsung site and download and run their hard disk diagnostic software. This will tell you if the drive is really going faulty
  6. There's only 2 files under the diagnostic software on Samsung's website. I tried both, and they both won't run because I'm on 64 bit Windows 7 and it says it will only run on 32 bit...

    I'm using the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB @ 7200

    edit: The warning has come up twice now, and the Blizzard downloader has not even been running.
  7. Try using Speedfan to read the SMART values?
  8. Speedfan?

    Its HD Tune, or HD TunePro. Try them, check health and post screen shots of 'info' here.
  9. Thank you for the help...

    Here is what I saw when looking at HDTune in the Health section. Not really sure what any of this means, other than everything being "ok"

  10. Your SMART information is what I would expect to see for a new disk drive I doubt that there is anything wrong with the drive. Have you tried running check disk? (Select properties for the drive and then the tool tab) there might be a coruption in the directory structure of the drive.
  11. What is SMART information? And I ran check disk last night, but fell asleep before it finished. Computer was on all night after that though and no errors...
  12. dude this 'info' is same thing as s.m.a.r.t in speedfan will tell.

    for sake of it dload Smartfan, and post the screen shot of smart values for these guys. otherwise for your confirmation, click 'perform in depth online analysis' etc it will show you proper easy word info telling you if your hdd is fine or not.
  13. I have the exact same problem. Probably the same drive also. The drive is like 5 months old, and I just installed Windows 7 x64 about a month ago. I got the warning when I exited Mafia II, I hadn't installed/removed/moved anything recently. It said Windows has detected a hard disk error and it tells me to back up my data immediately. Samsung's HUTIL doesn't work, so I ran every test in Seatools for windows and it passed them all. It shows no SMART errors. I did recently install a GTX460 though, so I'm wondering if it's drawing too much power for my almost 3 year old PSU. It also did it last night while I was running Furmark.
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