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I have a few questions about regarding RAM. I, personally, have not overclocked/tweaked any RAM before. I read some reviews on some DDR3 RAM chips and some individuals have said that some RAM chips would not run @ stock speeds and they would have to tweak around with the settings in BIOS to get them to run @ stock speeds. Some people have failed in doing so and others have achieved their RAM chips to run @ stock speeds. Would this be considered overclocking? Trying to tweak settings in BIOS to make RAM chips run at advertised speeds. Would this also void the warranty on RAM chips since you're tweaking/overclocking the RAM chips? Also, would tweaking RAM chips like this have any effect on other components of the computer? (CPU, Graphics Card, Hard Drive, etc). Thanks in advance.
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  1. No, overclocking is if you run your RAM chips over what they're specified at, and I don't think overclocking voids memory warranty. Tweaking RAM settings wouldn't really affect your system too much, unless you overclock your CPU.
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