USB drive fails, recover files?

Alright, so long story short I worked on papers all night, and instead of saving them to my computer I saved them to my thumb drive. I got home and plug in the flash drive and.... nothing, no lights, no nothing. I try on a few computers, and different USB slots, still nothing. Now I went back to my laptop to see if I could open the files up, and it can't find them on the computer since I saved to the thumb drive, is there anyway to recover these files? Thanks a ton!
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  1. Google "recover files from usb drive".

    Lots of ideas, many free.
  2. I've never been able to recover files from a thumbdrive before. Last time I tried was a good while ago so there might be something out there now to do so. But in your case with the loss being so recent you should attempt to recover the temp files from the laptop's hdd. For that I usually use File Scavenger.
  3. Seems like your USB can't be recognized by any device. I am afraid the drive is possibly corrupted. I find this article talking about how to undelete files from USB flash drive. Don't know if it is helpful to you. But I strongly suggest you take your usb drive to a computer shop for more comprehensive consulting. Regards
  4. My would guess would be that either the usb flash drive either isn't being properly powered (disconnected power pins) or the on board microcontroller may have possibly stopped working..

    You can try opening up the drive (WARNING : this will void any warranty) to see if any of the pins on the USB connector are loose or disconnected. If they are you can try to bridge a connection and pull off your files.

    If that fails, you may need to use a flash drive recovery service and have them repair the drive or just extract your data off the drive.

    For example,
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