What cooler is this?

I'm not sure of the exact name, all I know is that it's a Thermaltake. I think it's a CL-P0503, but does anyone know for sure?
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  1. Nahh the fan on a CL P0503 is too small to match that in the picture.

    Not really sure. Looks like it's got heatpipes (you can see them right above the fan) and the heatsink looks like there's a 15mm split down the middle.

    I'll have a look around and let you know if I find it.
  2. It could be a Silent 939 K8 (it has only two heatpipes on one side, and the split in the middle) with the grill taken off.
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    Bang on gendoikari1! Looking back and forth over and over shows that yeah.. it's that for sure. Good find! A+++
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