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i have a HAF-932 with a swiftech kit for my i7-920 build,im looking for a heater core that will be small enough to use in a 775 build,i have a 80mm that is double thick will that cool a e6400,i need the car that has a good size h-c to replace buying another rad,any make/model?
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  1. I went through 3 heater cores over a few builds. Nothing works as well as a purpose built rad.
    As for what make and model? Who would know? You are better off asking on a car forum.

    If you really want a car heater core specifically, spend a few days trolling through fleabay. Thats the only way.
  2. You aren't going to get much out of that 80mm rad. If you really are wanting to use a heater core, if you are going to buy new, you might as well just look into buying Swiftech MCR radiators for the money. For example:

    A '78 Bonneville heatercore (new) is very common and is close to the 2x140mm rad size, so a little bigger than an 2x120 or 220 rad but almost the same cost as a Swiftech MCR320 (3x120) rad. But, you still have to saw off the stock tubing barbs, solder/JB Weld new 1/2" tubing barbs on and figure out how to mount fans and the rad to your case. OR....

    You can buy the MCR rad to begin with, get about the same performance, and have the fan mount/rad mount holes ready for mounting on any case. Plus, they come painted, unlike a heater core.

    Your choice. You can always go cheaper from a salvage yard, but what is your time worth to you for what you would spend tearing out a dashboad in a scrap yard, hoping not to get bit by spiders or snakes...or even slash yourself open on some rusty metal?
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