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Ugghh... I'm a bit lost, don't know what to do.

March 6, 2009 5:26:26 AM

So originally when I bought the parts for this rig, I ordered 2x 4870x2's, not realizing that for whatever reason Crossfire can't support more than 2 monitors (which is, imo, incredibly stupid). As you can see in my sig, I'm currently running (or attempting to run, in any case) 3 T240 LCDs. So I ended up pulling out one of the 4870x2's and ordering a 4670 to put in beside the remaining card to push my 3 monitor setup. Now this is great and all, works fine... but then I find out that Crossfire doesn't work in windowed mode? I play WoW primarily, and the entire point of my multi-monitor setup is so that I can run stuff on the other 2 monitors while playing WoW without having to tab out. I mean... what the heck is the point of being able to run multiple monitors if you can't even use them without minimizing the program you're running on your main or running with your graphics card in a half-working gimped mode? Ugggh, I don't know what to do. I could always send back both of the 4870x2's and just grab a 4870 1GB, but that just seems incredibly gimp to me... and the prospect of returning all 3 cards and grabbing a GTX 285 to go with a 9600GT from a previous build just seems weak too. I suppose I could see about a 30" LCD and just run one of those, but then I'd have to pawn off all 3 of my 24 inchers. Ugggh.

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