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I have two slots and is expandable upto 2 GB RAM, In one I have DDR2 with 533 MHz and other 667 Mhz is there a problem with ths
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    Yes. The 667 will run at 533. You should only pair memory with memory of the same speed, cas, timings and voltage.

    Thanks for your prompt reply. As I have already purchased the 667 DDR2 RAM and using it along with 533 one. I would need to buy another 667 or 533 so that both the RAM's are having the same speed.

    Would it be wise to invest in buying a new one or can I run the current configuration with only the 667 RAM working as a 533 one. (which I can live with). I am only concerned about any damage this setup might cause. Please advice.
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    don't know about damage but its better to have both rams with same specs. sell your 533 one and get the same 667 one.
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