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I recently built a system, got it up and running installed windows vista just fine. But sometimes on the startup my system would just freeze loading into vista. Theres no sound no warning, it would sit there no matter how long i wait. It doesn't happen too often (froze on me 3 times this week) but i'm afraid there might be something wrong that can lead to a bigger issue. Its a new system so i'm still tweaking it, i don't know what the issue might be. Heres my setup:

Intel Q6600 (OC to 3.0, 9x @333, vcore @1.375) V1 Thermaltake CPU fan
EVGA F790i ultra mobo
4g Corsair XMS3 1600mhz
XFX Geforce GTX285
2x 74gb WD raptors in raid 0
1x 320gb maxtor
1x 35gb WD raptor
700w PSU by rockfish
CM comos S box

I have my suspicions it might be my raptors in raid 0, but i'm not too sure. This is my first time using a raid configuration. I'm also thinking it might be the mobo shortening out. When i first installed everything it would not post, "no signal" on the monitor. I untighten the mobo screws and wala it worked. Or, it might be my PSU. Its not the greatest but it works... i plan to replace it with a 1000w corsair double rail PSU soon. As far as temperature goes, i usually have speed fan up and most of my components are at 30ish C. So i honestly have no clue what the problem might be. Like i said, it doesn't happen often i can leave my computer on for 6-8 hours just fine. Just at the start up rarely it would freeze. Anyone have a sugestion or clues what it might be? I rather take care of the issue before it gets outta hand.
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  1. Analyze the dr. Watson log file.
    Good idea to replace the PSU.
    Could be a factor.
  2. Is your RAM one of these kits?


    If it is, then your RAM needs considerably more voltage than the DDR3 standard 1.5v. The top kit in the list needs 1.9v and the bottom one needs 1.8v. You should manually set the RAM timings and voltage to the manufacturers specs in the BIOS. The motherboard may not give the RAM enough voltage on AUTO settings.
  3. Yea your right i just checked the ram was below the voltage it needs to be : /. it was on 1.5v, and the timing was at 9-11-11-24. Hopefully that fixes that issue, could that have really been the problem? I'll keep u guys updated to see if it freezes again. So far i do notice a speed difference in loading :D. Thanks for the advice
  4. RAM that isn't running at its rated voltage is a major cause of system freezes/instability. I bet your freezing problem is gone now if you set the timings and voltage to the manufacturers specs.
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