Overclock on sapphire 5850 non ref.

hi I'm planning on getting this card since the reference card is not available:

and I'm looking into overclocking it to match at least the 5870's power, I found almost all overclockers had no problems in overclocking these cards.
the problem is: this is NOT a reference PCB and thus has no over voltage feature. I'm wondering if I can flash it with the BIOS of a sapphire 5870 vaporx
which (I believe) has the same kind of PCB. here's a link to someone that was sucessful in flashing the non ref. card:
find him here (iddle of the page)
he's pointing to this BIOS:
5870 vaporx bios
looking at his system specs he OC'ed it to 925/1225 (dunno if that's with the flashed bios or not)
I need your opinions on this.

BUT if I can get the 5870 performance without flashing and working with only the STOCK voltages then that would be better

Any other methods/tips to achieve my goal would be much appreciated, thanks :)
I want a performance similar to the OC'ed 5850 in this article which comes close to the 5870
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  1. It's a gamble. If the chip had the 5870's capability, sapphire would have installed in on the 5870 pcb and sold it for the higher price.
  2. but still, in the OCC article they achieved 870/1225 clock with stock volts (I assume they are on stock volts since they did not indicate a votage increase) on a reference card. and if I get the luck of the draw (seeing as even two completely Identical cards overclock differently) I might match those figures with a non reference card.
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