I7 Build crashes randomly?

Hi, Been having some trouble with my i7 build it kepps on freezing up, when i gaming, on the net when it has been locked for a while, it was overclocked but i reset it to stock but hasnt made a difference.


i7 920
P6T deluxe
Palit GTX 295
6GB G-Skill ram
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  1. Did you set the memory voltage correctly?
    Run memtest86+ and check for errors.
    What is your power supply?
  2. What is the power supply your using? Have you got everything plugged in correctly? on the motherboard? about how long does it run before freezing?
    5min/1hour?? Give me an idea of whats happening, is there an image on the screen?
  3. I'm having the smae problem, i7, ASUS Rampage II, 12GB DDR3 1333MHz, Ati 3850, seagate hard drives. I have tried just about eveything. Does any one have any ideas?

    The hard drive is making strange noise when it frezzes up. two of my dirves went bad, I replaced them with a new ones and had same strange noise and frezzing up again. I have changed SATA cables and configurations such as RAID 0,1,5 still have many error and the computer frezzes up.

    Is this a driver problem a chipset Problem????
  4. I forgot to say I'm trying to run Vista 64-bit
  5. yeah im running vista 64bit, 1000w antec true power quttro power supply and it mainly crashes when a) during games when i move around quickly b) when i open alot of pages in google chrome. in terms of the screen it just freezes so nothing special comes up.

    i had a thought that maybe its the ram as there is a new bios update that supports more different RAM so should i try this?
  6. Have you used memtest yet to see if there are any memory errors?
  7. Make sure you set the PCIe to 100 and not auto if overclocking.
    It could cause hard disk corruption.
  8. Alrite i ran memtest86+ and there were no errors, i updated to the latest bios before this however and ive seen a number of things
    1). Load temps have dropped by 8-10 degrees celsius
    2). didnt crash during a 1 and a half hour gaming session(GOOD)
    3). even with all of the new "Stability" it still froze running prime 95 and realtemp after 12mins (I know because the screen was frozen on the exact point it froze)
    something noticable was the max temp at the tim was 73c when ive seen it run under load at 80+

    i dont know if any of this is helpful but can some one help me solve this issue?
    Im not sure what else could be the problem
  9. First off it sound like we are experience different problems, here is my problem.

    I have run mem test and every things test ok, I update the bios too. It seems like I'm experiencing some kind of hard drive communication errors. I thought it was a driver problem. I can install vista some times but most of the time the computer freezes up during instillation. Giving me the error code that the drive cannot be found.

    Here is the weird part. When I set up the hard drive configuration in the BIOS to IED and NOT RAID the hard drive makes weird noises like it is stopping and starting the computer freezes when it happens during instillation. When I configured three a drives to RAID 5 the sounds stopped during installation. However when I started for the first time right before the desktop came up, I heard a hard click from one of the drives and the computer froze solid. That drive no longer would boot and the RAID controller said it was bad. Some times the computer would just freeze up for 30-90 sec at a time and be fine again, when I was able to install Vista.

    I’m using a 1000 W power supply, ASUS Rampage II, i7 920, not over clocking.

    Any Ideas???
  10. Just a thought that may be a little far out, but could your PSU be "clipping" (i.e. exceeding the power delivery of a rail)? If you can borrow someone's 850W PSU, try that and see if you still have the problem.

    And if you're using a SSD, could it be that it's stuttering?
  11. No i cant borrow another psu as im in a boarding school, and i dont have a solid state drive. However i noticed that the ram timings in the bios were off so i put them right( I think) but it still freezes. ive also noticed that whenever it is locked for a while it will freeze
  12. One more thought--one of your background processes is bugging up your system?

    Just an example of a system freeze I get is when I'm running Prime 95 and have a 3D screensaver on, it "freezes" when the screensaver engages and when you move the mouse to unlock.
  13. Yes thats happens to me!!! how would i tell which proccess is f'ing it up?
  14. could it be the asus overclocking utility as it tries to save power but i cant disable it?
  15. You can go to the Processes tab in Task Manager to see your running processes, but that probably won't help very much. If it were something like that, I would suspect that it could be one of your background utilities. And you're probably right in that it could be one of the energy saving ones that came with the mobo. You can uninstall the ones you don't need with their included uninstaller.

    A freeze when coming out of locked mode could be either the screensaver or power saving software. Power saving is a problem because there are 3 layers: mobo/BIOS settings, Vista settings, and any installed utilities. Try disabling everything and see if that helps.

    I thought some more and have another tack for you. "Moving around quickly" in a game would imply maximum 3D load and that is exactly where you would clip a power rail. Your Antec TruPower Quattro PSU has 4 12V rails with over-current protection, so any one rail can clip because each rail is pretty small, at 18A each (216W). The non-modular power cables seem to put the video card and mobo/CPU on the same rail, so it's entirely possible that the primary rail is clipping.

    Try this:

    1. Connect the fixed 24 pin and 8 pin connectors to the mobo.

    2. Connect all of your drives, etc. to rail #2 with modular connectors.

    3. Connect one of the PCIe connectors to the GTX 295 to rail #3 with a modular connector.

    4. Connect the second PCIe connector to the GTX 295 to rail #4 with a modular connector.

    This isolates the biggest power draws into separate rails and should avoid clipping, if that is indeed the problem.

    If this still doesn't work, then keeping this same power connection arrangement that I've described, un-overclock your rig back to stock. On that basis, it is unlikely that you would exceed the limits of any one rail.

    See if this reconfiguration works.
  16. Hi, its falconhr92 my account wont work for some reason so ive made a new one, the problem has a new light,

    i can run p95 in safe mode indefinatley so therefore it could be the gpu drivers right? but i dont know how to test this?
  17. Hmmmmm...

    Just to clarify, P95 was NOT running in the background when you had the freezing problem, right? Like you were trying to test your OC stability but was also playing a game at the same time?

    So if P95 runs indefinitely, then I would probably rule out mobo / CPU / RAM.

    Do you have the latest version 181.22 drivers installed?

    Try testing by uninstalling and reinstalling the video driver (even if it's the same one). Or try a fresh download of the driver as well.

    Could it also be a HDD swapping problem?

    P.S. I was having troubles with my account recently too, but it worked normally the next day.
  18. The funniest thing just happened to me...

    Was working from a different computer (not my usual fast rig) to post tonight and had many windows and tabs open under Firefox (over 20 at least). For some reason, I closed the first window first (containing TH main page and from where I logged in). Then when I went to close the subsequent windows and tabs, my computer froze up and I had to use Task Manager to shut them down. :heink:
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