CPU usage near 100% - Webpages scroll really slow

Windows XP Home Edition 2002 Service pack 2
cpu=AMD 64 4000+ 2.61 GHZ
RAM =1 gig

CPU usage is at nearly 100%. Webpages redraw one-by-one as the up or down arrow is pushed.
How do I find out the problem.
It didn't use to do this. Not till I reinstalled. Now I have reinstalled twice with no improvement
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  1. Make sure you're using the right video card drivers for one. If not then your CPU is doing all the 2d calculations that your video card is optimized to do.
  2. What video card do you have? As megamanx00, said you need the correct drivers otherwise scrolling will be very choppy.
  3. I have been using Linux too long. I'm used to not needing pecial drivers. Then when I redid my wifes XP machine with a Asus 6200LE I forgot. Woops. So I found the disk and it wouldn't work. So I found EN18206 on the web. Not an easy search either. Anyway, it seems to be ok now.
    Thanks for being there.
  4. You can find the ASUS 6200LE drivers from the ASUS website.
  5. Surprised you're giving Linux props about video drivers! (or lack thereof). Linux is even more terrible when it comes to 2D accelerated video. It takes more system resources to watch a DVD, and Flash video is insanely taxing with the Linux flash addon. I've got a Pentium II 450MHz, 160MB ram, 3.2GB hdd rig that I use to play DVDs. Runs great on Windows ME (gasp!). It uses a Rage128 PCI card, and due to Power DVD's ability to access the GPU-accelerated HMC and iDCT, It plays DVDs flawlessly with only 50% CPU usage. Not even possible in Linux.
  6. You probably have something running in the background that is sucking up processor cycles. Go Task Manager-Processes to see what's running.
  7. Or let's nuke the system...
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