Computer boots but monitor remains black after reloading CMOS

I decided to upgrade to Windows XP SP3 so i put the disc in and booted it up (i already had sp2 installed) and i got to the choice to upgrade or repair and like the fool i am i repaired it (it was 3 in the morning). After it was finished repairing it restarted and got stuck in an endless boot cycle going from the motherboard boot screen to windows loading screen to a screen that said something about autocheck failed, skipping auto check. Then it just restarted the cycle. I decided to go into the bios and try anything i could to fix this so the first thing i did was reload the cmos just out of curiosity and after it did so, it rebooted to nothing, the tower turns on and functions as if its loading windows and all but nothing shows on the monitor which just stays in standby mode. Anyone have a clue as to whats going on here and how i can fix this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. First, get the data off your hard disk. Put it in an enclosure, or install it on another computer, then copy the files.

    I'm assuming that one of your components failed, coincidentally as you were trying to install Windows SP3. I'm also assuming it's your video card or monitor. Are you able to borrow a display and try it out with your PC?
  2. Why didnt you just download sp3 from microsofts website?
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