How to solve the SATA issue for XP

Hi, My name is Ajay Banjan. I want to install XP on Vista. but While installing XP it gives some error like "Hard disk Not found" Please healp me

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  1. In , you have to load the SATA drivers before you can install Windows. XP by default does not load SATA drivers. You would need a floppy disk with SATA drivers of your HDD on it. When windows loads all the drivers on the beginning you have to press F6 and then load the drivers and then continue the installation.

    Otherwise, in BIOS you have an option of selecting how you want to use your SATA drive. You can set your option to IDE in the BIOS before you start XP installation.
  2. You can find the SATA drivers for you motherboard and slipstream them onto a copy of your winXP boot CD using something like nLite
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