Problem with a power / RAM / internet card.

I'm new here so if I posted this the wrong way or what not just let me know and I'll fix it. I tried Yahoo answers but I think these answer's would have a little more expertise behind them.

Okay well I was on here a few months ago looking for this same problem and even used all of the recommendations and it didn't work. I put a lot of money into this (for a min. wage job) so any help would be greatly appreciated

The Issue:
I have a Dell Inspiron 530 (not s). The only upgrades I did to it were that I put in 2 GBs of Crucial RAM (2 x 1GB) and added a Level One WNC-0600 N_One Wireless PCI Card. I have 2 - 512MB Kingston sticks that I took out, and 2 - 512 sticks from my parents Acer that I upgraded. Everything works fine until I try to add more RAM. Its DDR2 (667). If I add 2 of the sticks it won't start but I've localized this to one of the RAM modules (place where you put them). So I just put one in the good slot to have 2.5GB. If I do this the internet card turns off. The light won't even turn on in the back of it. I was told this was an inadequate power issue. So I upgraded my Dell 300W power supply up to a 585W power supply by SIGMA. The problem is still happening. The one memory module that isn't working I think may just have dust in it but I haven't been able to pick up compressed air yet. I don't think it has a connection to the card though. Anybody have any other suggestions for this? I feel kind of dumb for buying a new power supply and having that not be the issue, but I'm getting a video card soon anyway so it will be worth it.
The mother board supports 2GB in each slot for the RAM. It has 4 slots . However it says it only supports 4 GB total for my model.

Anybody with any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you also for reading this.
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  1. If you can find a BIOS update, try that if this is a compatibility issue; however, it sounds like you have a bad "the place where you put them" is called a DIMM slot. The memory stick could be seated improperly, there could be a damaged pin or pins in your DIMM, or you could have a faulty north bridge which means a faulty motherboard.

    This is not a PSU fault. If it were an inadequate power issue, your system would restart or BSOD as soon as software drivers fully activated your wireless card. The wireless card issue however, allows me to more firmly point to a compatibility or functionality fault of your motherboard.

    Cleaning DIMM slots is realitively easy. With your system completely unplugged from all power sources, you can gently run a slotted screw driver down the slot firmly enough to scrap off any oxidation but not hard enough to bend pins. Another option is to use a small brush to apply a light amount of automatic transmission fluid to the pins. The fluid is non-conductive and will chemically clean off oxidation from the pins.
  2. Thanks for such a fast response. If its the north bridge I guess I'll just have to live with it because I can't get a new one of those anytime soon and 2GB s is decent enough for now.

    For the transmission fluid, should i apply it, wait, then wipe it off, or should I apply it and put the new ram in right away? I'll get a flash light and make sure there aren't any faulty pins first. Should a apply the transmission fluid to the sticks too? They have been sitting out on my workbench for a while.
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