Would this watercooling loop be able to keep the my rig cool?

Hello, I am worried about if this loop would be able to keep my system cool.

i7-930 4.4 ghz.
Ati 5970 CF 850/1200 at least.

Pumps: MCP350x2
Dual loop top. (connecting both pumps into one outlet and inlet)

Rads: XSPC RX360

GPUs : EKWB 5970 Acetal + Nickel

Res : 250 EK cylinder

CPU : Swiftech Apogee XT

So, is it enough. Or should i make seperate loops? (would be alot of tubing mess, and thats what im trying to avoid.
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    Wrong forum. There is a cooling forum. Also, Not enough radiator. Maybe you should do a bit of math, something I wroyte a while back.
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