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Please help! I have a HP Pavilion ze5200 laptop running Windows XP family. I have a Netgear WG111 v2 wireless adaptor connecting with a Netgear (cable) wireless router. I used the software provided to install it. It works, but has a lot of connection issues when rebooting and even when just surfing, it will drop connection.

Question is... In my icon tray in the lower right hand tray, there are 2 connections showing. One using the Netgear adaptor software and one using (I think) the Windows wireless software (says: Wireless Network Connection 9). I've uninstalled the Netgear software and tried to run it with the Windows version with no luck, so I've had to reinstall the Netgear software. Please help, what I am I to do?
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  1. Start - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services

    Disable Wireless Zero Configuration Service.

    Alternatively, Start - Run - type "services.msc" and disable WZC.
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