Phenom 720... mobo? ram?

So, I am told the phenom 720 is 'where its at' and if that is the case, i need a new motherboard for it... but I'm having trouble figuring out what kind I need and how much I need to spend... I have 2 or 4 gb of ddr2 800 ram and an evga gtx 260 (plus all the other stuff) I am not going to be running it in SLI, and i don't know if I need/want an nforce board or if that matters... I dunno, I just want a good board that does what I need it to, without paying over 'just because' it looks pretty, ya know? Also, what is the deal with the 1066 can't be used with phenoms, or is that just certian motherboards... I'd like to put together a decent system, without having to relearn everything to do it! Thanks!
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  1. Thanks for the feedback... any suggestions as to which one would be good for me? Theres quite a price range there and I almost just want to be told what to buy (up to $150 for a mobo) but If i can get one that does what I need it to for $100, great!
  2. Personally I like the ASUS M4N82 Deluxe which is the only Sli board. At least you would have the option for Sli if you changed you mind later, the downside is it cost 169.00. ASUS is not your only option, theirs EVGA, GIGABYTE, and others with nVidia chipsets.
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