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Hey everyone,
I am going to be putting together a new gaming machine soon and want to go with water cooling. I am not much of an overclocker so i don't expect it to be much of a concern, but I am looking at a Core i7 processor and an ATI 5970 graphics card or 2 5870s in crossfire.
What i'm going for mainly is quiet.
Are there any of the external cooling systems that would work for this? I like the look of the Zalman Reserator XT or the Reserator 1 v2 but from what i am reading, these might not have the kind of heat dissipation necessary for this hardware.
Secondly, is there any issues with mixing and matching heating blocks from one manufacturer (like koolance) with a cooling system like i mentioned above (a zalman)? I wouldn't think so but I am just really starting my research into this so i want to make sure i'm not doing anything too preposterous.
i am a pretty experienced system builder but i want to make a water setup that looks good (not really a fan of the water cooled all in one cases i've seen so far, would rather use the case i have and add water cooling onto that), hence why the stand alone solutions by zalman appeal to me. I'm not much of a fabricator to be honest. Hell, cable management alone has taken me years to do passably. :P
The Zalman solutions are the only options i have seen and they are a bit older, do you guys know of any other solutions that i might not have seen. I have looked at the Koolance external cooling systems as well, but I don't really like how they would go with my case.

Thanks for any info you might feel like enlightening me with!
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  1. No to Zalman reserator.

    No to Koolance in general.

    No to Thermaltake Bigwater.

    Yes, you can use different manufacturer's blocks as long as you use the correct barbs for the tubing size you are running. Please, PLEASE do a lot of reading. What you are wanting to watercool is going to take a decent amount of WC hardware and the ones listed above will not get you where you want to go. Expect to spend upwards of $350 (minimum) to cool what you listed.

    Swiftech, DangerDen, EK, Feser, D-tek...etc. These are the brands you are looking for.
  2. Thats why i'm asking. Those were just the ones i have found so far. I am not exactly trying to cut corners or anything, i'll spend what i need to spend to make sure its done properly, and do whatever research to make sure it does what it needs to.
  3. Thanks RJR. I loves me some reading! :)
  4. There used to be a sticky on this forum with all that info. Wonder where it went...?
  5. rubix_1011 said:
    There used to be a sticky on this forum with all that info. Wonder where it went...?
    To the top of the forum...... where no-one ever looks :pfff:
  6. Right... my bad. i did read that actually, but the links were at the bottom and once it stopped having to do directly with water cooling i sorta figured that was that... In my defense though, without context, those links could easily be over looked. :P
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    Hey Ricco, here is a great post that will get you going. It's also a busy well informed WC community there. Some good ones here, but more there.

    My latest:

    Latest latest:
  8. Conumdrum...I see you are still around after all. :) What are you running on your rig these days?
  9. i7 965 ES D0 step Swiftech XT block
    Corsair 1600 6 gig
    Giga Xtreme 58 mobo
    SLI GTX470 Koolance 470 waterblocks
    Two 120x3 loops
    Banchetto Tech Station
    And the rest of the normal stuff like fans/HD/PSU
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