Overclocking question E7400 + DDR2 800

Hey guys, real basic question, but I was just wondering if I should always try to run the memory at the fastest speed I can?

The details are this: My current FSB is 266. The E7400 runs at it's standard 2.8Ghz with a clock multiplier at x10.5 (266MHz x 10.5 = 2.8GHz).

However, I want to know if I have the option of running it at 400MHz x 7 so that the memory works at its rated speed (DDR2 800). My BIOS supports it, but is it safe?
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  1. No, you will blow it in firey death. If you got a good cooling setup then yes try it, on your risk.
  2. Look, I just want to know if I should go from a 3:2 CPU to RAM to a 1:1, and if it is safe! I have a Gigabyte EP43-DS3L Mobo for those interested
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