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I have two XP PCs on local network, both shared - file-sharing works perfect, print-sharing with minor bug.
Minolta PagePro printer is attached to PC1, the default page size is A4 - it works fine on PC1.
The printer is visible from PC2 via \\PC1\MINOLTA

When I install this printer to the PC2 with method-1 (finding \\PC1\MINOLTA printer on network, click on it, Windows ask me to install drivers for local use, done), it forgets the default A4 page size, and try to print everything on Letter paper size (this cause a small cut off of the paper top and bottom). In preferences, the paper size dialog box is empty, impossible to set anything.

If I install printer on PC2 with method-2 ( - How to install a printer driver locally for a remote printer in Windows XP) then the printer setup is successful, the paper size setup is correct for A4, but I can't print (get a message: This document failed to print)

Any idea? Thank for help...
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  1. any idea?
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