8800gt running at 100c on 100% fan

Hi all, i recently upgraded my tower as one of the graphics cards was running at 100c+. When i set it all up and started playing games the card with the monitors attached started to get up to 100c on 100% fan again, whilst the other in SLI was at 70ish on a low fan setting.

I swapped the cards around to see if that made a difference - Card with monitors hit 100c / 100% fan
Used only the top slot (tried both on their own) - Single card hit 90ishc / 100% fan on
Tried the bottom slot (tried both on their own) - Single Card hit 90ishc / 100% fan
SLI with only one monitor - Card with monitor hit 95c+/ 100% fan. Other card in SLI sat comfortable at 70ish

The cards in SLI stay at about 70c when i am just browsing/watching videos, same goes for if its a single card.

Room temperature is cool.

System Specs:

Dual Samsung SyncMaster Monitors
Computer Case : Coolermaster Cosmos S
Motherboard: P5N32-E SLI Plus
Processor: Q6600 - 2.40GHz
Ram: 4GB Ballistix (4 1GB sticks)
Graphics Cards: 2x BFG 8800gt OC2 512mb
Graphics Drivers: 182.08
Operating System: Vista 32BIT Home Premium

Hope someone has any insight into whats happening.


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  1. I had the similar problem with my 8800GT. it was idling at around 80C and hit 96C when i played games. If your card is a little over 6 months make sure to take it apart completely and check for lint on the heatsink of the card. I removed the plastic cover that held the fan and i found out that lint was all over the heatsink. Lint blocks the air going to the heatsink so it cant cool adequately. Also, make sure that you have arctic silver or a compound of the sort to re apply to the GPU. Make sure to clean it with some rubbing alcohol.

    after i did this my temps idled at 50-55C and 65-72C on full load.
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