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All 4 of my CPU cores show a temperature of 0. My CPU still registers a temperature. I was adjusting some settings to overclock the CPU. Do you know why the core temps show 0??? They use to register a temp. Thanks
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  1. This issue happened after the computer froze and made a higher pitched continous sound.
  2. Try resetting your BIOS to default. Does the computer seem to operate normally otherwise?
  3. I actually posted something very similar to this last spring with no answers... what CPU and Motherboard do you have? Mine randomly stopped showing temps after about a year of having it (I checked the temps regularly). I had limited success with changing the bios on the motherboard, but it set the default clock speed to 800mhz instead of the 3200mhz it was supposed to be at. Let me know is you found any solutions.
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