How Can updatin VGA Driver make it performe better when nothing change

i have XFX 9800 GTX blackedition and
my VGA driver was ForceWare 178.13 sth like this and new version of that is ForceWare 182.8 and in a website i was Downloading this version was saying there are lots of diff in performance what's the reason ?because nothing change in VGA how possible ?here it is take a look
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  1. In the loosest of terms, graphics drivers are sort of software layer that translate games into something the graphics card understands and can process. Driver updates can make this part more efficiant and optomised for faster performance.
  2. You can go 10 revisions with Nvidia without anything changing unless you have their current top range card. AMD tend to do less driver upgrades but bigger ones that encompass all of their graphics cards.
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