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I assembled my PC in end 2003. Build was 865 GBF motherboard, P-4 , 2.66 Ghz HT, Geforce 6600 (AGP), 1 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD. A year back i upgraded it to 3 GB RAM and 250 GB HDD.

It lasted me till last Nov and then the motherboard and CPU stopped working.

I use my PC for mostly playing RPG's like Gothic, Fable and now want to assemble / rebuild the PC which will let me play latest RPG's at a decent frame rate and medium details (1076 x 768 resolution monitor)

Should i rebuild my PC or get a new one. If yes what motherboard and CPU should i choose. Dont want to spend much and want to utilise my existing RAM, GPU, HDD, Monitor(17" Samsung).
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  1. Well there are no new motherboards with a AGP slot, so thats problem no 1.
    Also I guess you still use DDR instead of DDR2, no new motherboards with DDR slots anymore.. Your HDD is probaly a PATA one, if lucky it's SATA, but you can still find motherboards with 2 IDE connectors!
    I recommend upgrading to a cheap am2 / am2+ motherboard with a AMD X2 serie processor, around 5000+ / 6400+ would be fine. Also the HD4770 is very cheap and has a decent preformance, sometimes even equal to HD4850. You probaly have to buy DDR2 memory to, but it's very very cheap nowadays.
    Total costs will be around 200 / 150 euro's I guess.
  2. /\ what he said
  3. buy a new one..

    how much is your budget?

    a budget rig will at least be $600-700..:D
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