Is this how it is suppose to work? (Case Airflow + V6GT)

Hey guys I recently did a computer build and a bit confused on how some of this case airflow is working.

My CPU cooler is a V6GT and I understand it's a sort of push/pull type thing where it sucks from one end and blows out the other. However, I'm sort of confused because its blowing air inside the case. I thought it was suppose to blowing air outside the case through the exhaust. I've rechecked the way to positioned the fans, how I placed the heatsink and everything seems to be placed in the right place. If it wasn't well, it wouldn't fit would it? Here's what my case air flow looks like right now.

I currently have a NZXT Hades case.

Is this how it is suppose to be?
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    Nope the cpu cooler air-flow is in the wrong direction everything else is correct.
  2. Thanks I figured as much. So I just switched around the fans. All is well.
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