I tried, and fail. Now Im asking the community for help O.C my Rig!

CPU: Phenom II x4 955 BE
Cooling: CM Hyper N520
RAM: G.Skill eco 4Gb(2x2gb) 1600
GPU: Sapphire HD 5970
HDD: WD 6GB/s 1TB Caviar black
Thermal:GELID GC

I would Like to O.C my 955 to 3.8 or 3.9, I tried to adjust the voltage, and sometime it work and then it crashes when i tried to bench crysis...

I want to O.C my Ram to it stated speed, or a little bit faster, and I keep having trouble and it wont boot and stuff like that, but luckily my mobo got a MemOk! Button so I can reset it.

Then my GPU, I dont know if its having problem or is it normal for my spec... Like for example i get 30 -40 fps on very high in crysis bench at 1920x1080. I thought 5970 can run crysis in ultra or something of that sort... I did do some o.c with the afterburner, and I had it so that crysis give me 55 average fps, but now I dont know what i did and I messed it up... :( Also, if i set the fan to auto, (26%) It would run up to 40-50 degree idle. :O should I RMA it?

Now I'm asking the community of Pros and non Pros and people that know this stuff alike, to help me, help the world, make this PC run at it stable but high overclock state. :hello:
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  1. There is this guide for starters,
    you say you adjusted voltage, but dont mention if you adjusted multiplier, fsb or anything else,
    Ram clocking not so important and altering one setting for your chip will alter ram speed, its about balancing the system to the best performance,
    you may be able to clock your chip to 4Ghz, but at the cost of ramspeed, and then find that 3.8Ghz allows you to keep a reasonable ramspeed at the cost of the chip's clock
    take us through everything you have done so far and I'm sure brainy people will chip in more :)
  2. Ok well now I'm stress testing my oc

    CPU is running at 3.8 and 1.39v
    Ram running at 1333 and 7-8-7-24

    So far 1 hr without crash or BSOD
  3. 2 hr of stress test and stable :D :D
  4. Groovy, now, how did you do it? :)
    it'll help you in future clocks to know what you did this time that worked
  5. mm, i set the multiplier to 19 and look at this other dude's voltage, and try to get the same voltage, but couldnt so i got asclose but not lower as his and now it run pretty stable, I might try to up it to 3.9 i dont know yet
  6. leave it as it is for a day or two,
    let it get used to running at the clock you have now so to speak, it will give you a chance to see how it behaves, ie8 working etc ok, check your temps and stuffs too,
    dont try to match someone elses clocking too closely in general because his chip is not your chip, each is different and will clock slightly differently
  7. kittehlordz said:
    mm, i set the multiplier to 19 and look at this other dude's voltage, and try to get the same voltage, but couldnt so i got asclose but not lower as his and now it run pretty stable, I might try to up it to 3.9 i dont know yet

    There's your problem right there, you cannot use someones elses settings, their setting may not be anywhere near what you need, so you're out of the ballpark from the beginning.

    You need to trial and error creep up to where you need to be, even if you have identical hardware the settings may still not work, because of the manufacturing process of the hardware and quality, yields varying results.
  8. Keep detailed records. Most motherboards have a BIOS option to save several sets of BIOS settings. Do that also.
  9. well right now it running pretty stable. and alright imma ssave it soon
  10. Pretty stable?

    No dice man, Its a stable system or it isn't hehe, but save those settings as 'first try' or something then tweak a little here and there, and as myself and 4Ryan have both said, tiny changes at a time :)
    next time you change a setting create your second set 'hold breath' :)
    replace your last save point (Hold breath) everytime you change anything
    when it all goes wrong, go back to where you were at last good setting, have fun man :)
  11. alright man. where do i save it exactly hahaha
  12. It should on be a screen in your bios somewhere, mines on the last page/tab, gives me three 'slots' to save user setings into,or load from,
    so if 'hold breath' doesn't work out, just load 'first try' back up and go over where you may have gone wrong.
  13. Yea I'll do that if u give me the money
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