Asus P5q and P5evm stability issues

Hello I hope this is the right place to ask..

Ok first of all my system:

Mobo: Asus P5QEM-DO
CPU: Core2 Quad Q9400
Ram: Kingston Value Ram 4GB Kit 2x2GB DDR-800
Graphics: Geforce GTX 260
HDs: WD 640GB und Samsung Spinpoint 750GB
Power: Bequiet Straight Power 500W

Now the Problem

I realized that it isn´t possible to put one of the ram sticks into a DIMM A slot. The system doesnt post when there is.
Now the Mainboard complains about the system being unstable due to intel quiet system technology needing at least one ram stick in DIMM A but i can install Windows XP and all necessary programs.

Now the real problems begin, the system starts up into windows and then just does a restart. This goes on forever, but sometimes the system starts up and is stable for hours. But most of the time its impossible to work.

I also realized that installing SP3 makes it worse.

Following error messages where encountered Stop 0x00000050 and Bad Bios Checksum

What I did

I upgraded to the newest Bios Firmware

I changed almost all parts from

Mainboard Asus P5QEM-DO ---to--- Asus P5E-VM HDMI
RAM Kingston ---to--- Corsair DDR2 XMS2-6400 4GB NON-ECC
Graphics GTX 260 ---to--- ATI Radeon Vapor-X HD-4870

No luck so far still no stable system (exactly the same behavior) and I cant put the ram into a Dimm A slot but at least the new motherboard doesnt complain about it.

What can i do, should I change the processor??

Thanks for the help
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  1. Test the ram with memtest. Make sure this is done 1 stick at a time.

    Make sure all overclocks are returned to default (if you are overclocking). Relax memory timings and speed. Is the power supply OK?
  2. I'll try memtest tonight...

    I hope the power supply is ok I tried a far weaker one 240W without the graphics card and with only one HD and got the same behavior..
  3. Ok Memmtest said everything ok...

    Perhaps I am describing too many different problems..

    Perhaps somebody can tell me why those Asus boards dont want to post when there is ram in DIMM A slots?

    I would help me alot if I atleast knew if thats the problem causing the BS
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