My first Overclock E6750 3.5Ghz Help Plz

Hey Guys I succesfully Overclocked my first cpu yesterday I think.

I have a Intel E6750 I upgraded fan to a thermaltake ISGC 200 and tested on prime95 for 6hours while using the pc, I overclocked to 3.5ghz and didnt crash max core temp was 56 degrees Celcius.

I was wondering how much higher do you think I would be able to go to keep it stable with original volts because I havent changed the volts and its read 1.3250v.

My Specs are : Intel C2D E6750 - Thermaltake ISGC 200 Cooler
Asus P5K/SE
4GB corsair 1066mhz DDR2 dominator Ram ( running at 1080) cos i OC'd to 450mhz
Thermaltake Soprano Case + 430 Watt Thermaltake PS
Gigabyte 9600GT 512mb

Also is there any possibility of Overclocking the ram and the Graphics card?

Thanking you,
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  1. i put it up to 3.6ghz its at 1.325volts hitting 1.376volts max and the is at 1080mhz now cos of overclocking the cpu higher
  2. That's a good overclock, you do not need more from that CPU. The gains are small.
    Run prime95 for at list 24 ores and if you get a crash or errors the overclock it is not stable. If for 24 ores everything runs smooth then the overclock is OK.
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