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What is some good software to were i can monitor all my 5870s temps. the core, RAM, and other components. and were will they be located on the software, free is also a good thing. and how hot is to hot for the VRMs, i get to 80c to 85c often, is that ok?
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  1. Hi.

    Here are some good programs:

    1- Hardware monitor
    2- Speed fan
    3- Core temp
    4- Real temp only for Intel CPU
    5- MSI Afterburner only for GPU, works with ATI and nVidia and for OC.

    The only RAM that I know that can be monitored are this
  2. im sorry i was refering to the video core & RAM, i should of been more specific.
  3. OK, MSI Afterburner is the way to go, can do that and even u can complement it with Kombustor that is program for benchmarking and stability test. Both Afterburner and Kombustor comes in the same package when u download Afterburner.
  4. i have afterburner currently, but i cant find any video RAM monitoring settings.
  5. At the end of the graphic u can find the monitor use of the graphic memory.
  6. what "graphic" are you refering to?
  7. See here the graphic in the right side.
  8. If that doesn't work for you, GPU-Z is a great GPU monitoring program, and you can also log the temperatures (useful for checking temps while you game).
  9. thank you
  10. There is no GPU ram heat sensors, thus no software can measure it.
  11. ATI has included RAM temperature sensors (usually MEM IO) since the the HD 4800 series (if not before).
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