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Hey guys,

Recently Toms posted a review about the new 3D glasses for Nvidia GPUs. They also said that whilst the device aint cheep, displays are even more expensive and rare. If I remember correct, there are only 3 displays currently that support the specified # of Hertz required to deliver smooth frames (if ur pc can supply them :p ).

Now my question is, wheather Sony's new Z series is capable of displaying the required # Hz for 3D. Naturally the screens are full HD, and they come with Sony's new Motion Flow 200Hz engine. What this engine does is take the signal coming in at your normal Hz and insert between each frame, 3 extra frames it calculated from any movement! This makes watching anything involving movement or alot of panning such as sports on the screen a lot more fluent.

So this LCD is capable of displaying 200 Hz, but is it capable of recieving that amount? or would the engine just do its job inserting the extra frames and still look good in an fps??

Im really considering getting the 52" of this LCD and getting the 3D set to go with it, so any ideas are welcome...

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  1. I think so... coz nvidia recommends monitors over 120Hz.......
  2. yeah, maybe, but I've read a bit more and many places says it needs 120 native...
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