Strange mouse problem. Please help

Hi. First of all sorry for my english.
I have tried everything I could think about to solve my problem and nothing seems to help. The problem is that my mouse feels like I am moving it on ice and the response time to mouse movements on the screen is kind of delayed, also when i play for some time (about 10-15mins) things go even worse. I play only quake 3 but I have tried warsow just for test and the problem is also there and I even can feel this lag in windows. After trying tons of things to fix it I came to conclusion that its not software problem, also I am sure its not hardware problem cos I changed completely my pc to another one and same problems occurs there.
This is what I have tried to do:
1) of course to change the mouse /also keyboard (tried ms wmo 1.1a (which a lot of progamers use), logitech mx518, G5, razer deathadder) – so I think its definitely no the mouse.
2) All possible driver updates (also older one) for my chipset, videocard, sound etc… btw I don’t use drivers for mouse of course – as normal fps players don’t but even with them things doesn’t change much
3) First when I thought it was software problem I had tried a lot of formatting and installing windows to hunt down the problematic software but nothing helped (I even tried win98 lol). Also I have tried a lot of fixes like some registry changes to remove windows mouse acceleration completely, setting usb rate above 125hz and so on.
4) Different PC (first I had celeron 2.2, 1024 ram, radeon 9600, now I have Pentium e2200 2.2Ghz, 2gb of ram and 8500GT, FSP Zen 400watt PSU (was at first some other fsp with 350watt) – yes its shitty setup I know but the game I play is quake 3 where I have constantly 125fps without drops
5) Its not the monitor problem and not input lag because even when I had crt I had this problem
6) I don’t have any other malfunctions with my pc – only this mouse lags. Also my temperatures are in the normal range and I use only one hdd and no more usb devices expect my keyboard and mouse.
I really want to solve this problem because firs of all I like to play quake and second I had put so much effort to do it so I want finally to know what is causing it. I know start to think that I have bad power supply in my house (lol) but this is really just a guess because I don’t have any knowledge about that kind of things. So if you people have any advice on the problem I would be very glad to here some.
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  1. Hmmm.... the only suggestion I have is, since your mouse apparently worked on both setups, it's possible that there's something wrong with your motherboard. I assume you've tried connecting the mouse to all USB ports?

    Also, stupid question: what surface do you use your mouse on?
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