Selecting a desktop based on supporting 3 monitors

I'm looking for some help purchasing a new desktop. My main requirement is that it support 3 monitors. I have looked through many topics and found a lot of information on how to add another video card in order to accomplish this, but since I am purchasing a new system I'd prefer that it already be configured for this.

Ideally I'd like to set up something like this:

That system appears to be very over-priced so I am hoping to find something more reasonable.

Additional info:

-Needs to support 3 monitors (probably 1 24" and 2 17"s vertically like the system in the link above)
-Will not be used for any gaming at all
-needs to be able to handle some video editing (mainly for youtube, no HD editing but should be able to play 1080p content with no trouble)
-Budget $1200 (not including monitors)

I'd prefer to purchase something that can handle this upon arrival rather than adding a second video card myself as I wouldn't be prepared to handle any other requirements (upgrading power supply, etc.) I found a few systems on eBay by searching for "4 monitors" - Ebay Systems

Posted this in Graphics & Displays since that is my primary requirement. If anyone has any advice on any of the ebay systems or any recommendations on where to find a system like this it would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. You dont need a second, or a third video card. All you need is a single video card and a Matrox Triple head to go box.
  2. I did look at the Matrox box but if I understand correctly the monitors used with it must be the same size/resolution. I would like to have a 24" in the center and two 17" screens flipped vertically on the sides. After reading a few reviews of it I don't think it can support this.
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