Code 12 problems... Not enough resources.

Hey guys I have just recently purchased a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P and put in a Q9550 2.83 (Quad) processor. I did a clean install of Windows XP and all went smoothly until the following occured:

1. Windows won't recognize an IDE CD/DVD Burner (BIOS does, and installed windows with it.)
2. Windows won't recognize an IDE Hardrive (BIOS does, it's an older HD but I use to for cache for Adobe Adobe Effects CS4)
3. Getting a Code 12 error in my device manager on the Intel (R) ICH10 Family PCI Express Root Port(s) 4,5,6 - 3A46, 3A48, 3A4A.

Code 12 is the "Not enough resources problem".

Thanks a bunch in advance, been working on this for 48 hours!!!
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  1. Did you use the 'automated installer' to load the drivers from the disk that shipped with your motherboard? I ask, as the driver installation has to be 'sequenced', i.e., some drivers have to be installed first, and the system rebooted, for other devices to be recognized so their drivers can be installed. If you look on page eight of your manual you can see why this is so: everything on the board goes 'through' the P45 northbridge, and then the ICH10R southbridge - so, obviously, the Intel chipset drivers for them must be installed first; then the LAN, USB, jMicron, and other ports can be 'discovered' by the chipset, and their drivers then installed. Doesn't matter what rev the disk's drivers are, you can always update 'em later to the newest revs, but the installer will get them in correctly the first time - I recommend 'unchecking' the EnergySaver thing (which is a buggy POC), and then letting 'er rip! If I recall from my last spate of installs, the process will reboot Xp four times, Vista three times...
  2. I did install using the "automated installer", do you think reinstalling would help or fix it?

    Would it have to do with IRQ - if so how do I manually assign?

    Also, if the CPU wasn't getting enough power would that cause the Code 12 on the PCI Express Root Port(s)?

    Thank you so much already!
  3. Quote:
    Would it have to do with IRQ - if so how do I manually assign?

    Take a peek in your BIOS, at the "Integrated Peripherals" page:
    do you have the "SATA Port0-3 Native Mode" enabled? It's, by default, disabled, and controls 'interrupt sharing' for all OS later than Windows ME - might be the source of your troubles...
  4. SATA Port 0-3 was disabled.

    Also the BIOS has stopped recognizing that there is CD/DVD ROM plugged into the IDE Controller. Might have just died.

    When I used the automated installer it installed all of the "stuff" and says it has installed the Gigabit Ethernet driver, but also doesn't work.

    The reason I ask about insufficient power to the CPU causing a Code 12 in the Device Manager is because the CPU is supposed to have an 8 pin plugged in, I only have a 4 pin and a 6 pin. When I try to use the 6 pin the computer won't start up and I have to revert to the 4 pin. I called Tech Support and they said the CPU should run fine with just the 4 pin plugged in. Any help at all is appreciated!
  5. Sorry to double post,

    The CD/DVD ROM is recognized by the BIOS after unplugging the Old IDE HD.
    The two aren't wanting to be recognized at the same time it seems. Still no look with Windows, however.

    I am copying the CD to an External HD to try and reinstall the drivers again. I will try to update you more to give you more info. Thanks!
  6. Do you only have IDE devices installed? No SATAs?

    I'm never quite sure where anyone is at in the experience department, so excuse me if this is well known territory to you, but I'll post it just the same :pt1cable:
    on the theory that it might help, and certainly can't hurt:

    Here's an IDE cable:
    The 'M' end is the motherboard connector; the 'D' end goes to the drives.
    There are two kinds of cables: 'standard' (on which the drives are jumpered to identify them), and 'cable select' (on which the cable itself sorts out the drive IDs).
    If there are no labels (often, a large plastic or fabric 'pull-tab') saying 'master' and 'slave' on connectors 2 and 3, you have a 'standard' cable - jumper as follows:
    it doesnt matter what connector goes to what; your primary (boot) HDD will need to be jumpered as 'master' [MSTR] on the drive; your secondary (or ODD) gets jumpered as 'slave' [SLV] on the drive.
    If there are labels saying 'master' and 'slave' on connectors 2 and 3, you have a 'cable select' cable - jumper as follows:
    Both drives get jumpered as [CSEL] on the drive; your primary (boot), or only, in the case of just one, goes on connector 3, which should be labeled 'master'; your secondary (or ODD) goes on connector 2, which should be labeled 'slave'; connector 1 goes to your MOBO IDE port...
  7. There are 3 HD's... 2 of them are SATA and 1 of them is IDE and it is old, but still works. I only use it for cache for those memory hog applications. (Adobe stuff)

    The BIOS recognized them before when I had them both on Cable Select jumper settings. It was just the transition into Windows that originally had me stumped. Upon looking at the device manager I found those 3 little explanation points and I am guessing that's what is stopping me from using my IDE HD and IDE CD/DVD ROM and my Ethernet Port.

    Still stumped, I thought this would be easy! :p

    (BTW, I understand you with the experience department. I know enough to get myself into hot water. But I am still a n00b.)
  8. Which ports (yellow or purple) do you have the SATAs in? The 'yellows' are the preferable ports; although the "SATA Port0-3 Native Mode" item specifically refers to these ports, I'm pretty sure it sets interrupt sharing for all the disk channels; and the "Onboard SATA/IDE Device" and "Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode" items lower down on the same page need to be set to [Enabled], and [IDE], respectively...
  9. I have them in the "yellows" and have turned off SATA Port 0-3 Native Mode (off by default).

    Both the Onboard SATA/IDE Device and Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode are enabled and are on IDE.

    I am on with tech support right now...
    Could the BIOS being bad cause this? Could getting a new MoBo fix this?
  10. Quote:
    have turned off SATA Port 0-3 Native Mode (off by default).

    As I said, you want this "Enabled" - that turns ON interrupt sharing (modern machines have way too much stuff that depends on interrupt service to be accomodated without sharing them...), which has been supported forever - the last version of windows that didn't support IRQ sharing was Windows ME, around September of 2000 - and may be the source of your 'insufficient resources' problem!
  11. OK, it has been enabled and both drives (IDE HD and IDE CD/DVD ROM) are being seen by the BIOS right now. The only problem is that it isn't being seen by Windows, it is like it is getting lost in the "boot-up".

    Any idea on what those ICH10 Root Ports control? Or am I trying to fix the wrong thing?

    Also Tech support has pointed me to a file and I will be installing it here shortly, either way I will be sure to let you know what happens... It still is so mysterious to me that the BIOS is configured correctly and can see the drives but Windows can't.

    The file, by the way, is a 7-Zip file and it says the "archive is not supported". :pfff:

    Starting to go a little crazy at this point.
  12. Out of curiosity, have you gone to Device Manager's view resources by type, or connection, to see if it's 'burping up' there about what's wrong? I'm kind of crippled temporarily; I'd reboot into both Xps here to see how my assignments are done (I have confirmed that they're entirely different under 7/64), but I'm like several days into a roughly 40 Gig torrent download - and I'm finally getting decent download speed, so I'm hesitant to 'upset the apple cart' at this point...
  13. Yes I have checked it out, no dice thus far.

    Out of curiosity are you torrenting FCS2? lol.

    I definately understand about cutting a good connection speed :p

    I am fairly certain that it is a bad MoBo. The processor is rendering video like a champ so at least I know thats not bad.

    Thanks for your help, will definately let you know what happens.
  14. I'm working on a couple HTPCs and a home server for my (fairly elderly) parents; my dad is a MASH addict, so i'm getting all the episodes for him - he's already seen them all at least a dozen times, but I still think he'll be thrilled to have 'em all... :o
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