8800 GTX Sli Vs. GTX 285

Does anyone know of a thread where a comparison between the 8800 GTX in Sli was done vs the GTX 285 ??

I would also be curious on a comparison between the 8800 gtx in sli vs the gtx 285 in sli...

Last but not least a comparison between the 9800 gtx+ in sli vs the gtx 285, and then gtx 285 in sli...

( wow a lot of questions :o)
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  1. Do n`t know of any site that has done the direct comparaisons but this comes close.

  2. Something seems fishy about the benchmarks in the link. How can a GTX280 SLi get only 57fps at 1600x1200 and medium gfx, yet the 9800GTX+ Sli get 62 fps at the same resolution and same gfx? The GTX280 SLi should be much better.
  3. And it's total BS that a 9800GTX SLi would get 47 fps while the 9800GTX+ Sli would get 63 fps - 16fps increase, since they're basically the same damn card.
  4. Well 2 8800 GTXs should perform much like 1 285 GTX, and I think they are really close in performance....

    As for the 285 GTX sli, jsut add 30-80% because of scaling:)
  5. I would say that 2 8800 GTX cards would easily beat a GTX 285 as 2 9800 GTX cards in SLI easily beat it, but the 9800 GTX never really beat the 8800 GTX by anything meaningful.
  6. I have a feeling that many of the cards listed in the link were tested using different drivers and, quite probably, on a different base machine, which would go a long way to explain the descrepencies. Thanks for pointing it out.
    Swordfish, please disreguard the link results, based on the others comments and my own closer checking of the results, I do not think they are a valid comparasion.
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