Overclocking e4400 on an Asus P5B Motherboard?

Hey everyone,

I am pretty new to this kind of thing and was wanting a little advice. I have an Intel e4400 2.0ghz Processor and have read some things about people overclocking it into the 3.0 range. My motherboard is an Asus P5B and I was wondering how far I can overclock this thing? Reason being I want more out of it and really don't want to break down and buy a new cpu and if its possible to overclock it that high that would be great. Anyways, any help on what I need or should do and how I would go about doing it would be great!

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  1. hmm the problem is every CPU is differnt 1 may hit 3.4 another may only do 2.4. all u can do is try.

    so small increments for clock and volts. keep voltage below intels specified amount fo ur CPU to be extra safe and slowly increase the speed.

    each time check the temp and stability

    as long as u dont take a huge leap the worst case thing to happen will be the computer wont boot due to lack of voltage.

    a new motherbaord will normally reset the bios after this its self, although urs may not. if it doesnt u just need to switch the jumpers on the motherbaord over for 10 secs to reset it. then it will go back to default clocks so u can either reduce the clock again or increase the voltage

    overclocking really wont hurt the CPU is u stay below the specified voltage and the temp will never get outa control in one leap unless u go from 2 to 3 ghz in 1 jump and get the right voltage lol
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