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I've browsed THG many times but this is my first post so hello to everyone. I picked up an Iwill DH800 with dual 2.66Ghz processors at a yard sale a few days ago. While looking over THG's review of the mobo, I read that the DH800 can be used with a standard ATX power supply. Can anyone explain exactly how to do this? I've done some quick experiments and the board did fire up with all fans working but I didn't get any video output from my Radeon x1650 graphics card. This may be a different problem but I would still like to know how to safely connect the power supply to the board. Thanks for any help you can provide. J
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  1. Should work with a regular PSU, as long as it has the extra 8 pin aux connector. According to pics of the board, it has 1 8 pin and 1 24 pin power connectors. Potentially you are not seeing anything because your RAM is incompatible, or the BIOS is set to run video from PCI bus instead of AGP. Also, does the video card have to be plugged in?

    Try removing the CMOS battery and unplugging the PSU from the wall for 15 minutes. Or use the jumpers to clear CMOS. This should reset everything so at least you are starting from step 1.
  2. Thanks for the answer festerovic. I was lead to believe that the mobo could be used with a standard 20+4 ATX power supply although this wouldn't be the best option. Using the above power supply I get all the fans to spin but like I mentioned no video output from my AGP slot. The x1650 does need to be plugged in but that is taken care of. I've tried clearing the CMOS, removing the battery and unplugging the power supply as you suggested but still no luck. I've also checked to make sure my RAM is compatible with the board. It may be that I need to install a pci graphics board to get the system up and running but I haven't had one of those in ages! Any other ideas? J
  3. What is the model and brand of the PSU?
  4. The PSU is a Codegen ATX +12v 2.0 Model # CG-12v55x
    It's less than a year old and has never given me a problem in my now defunct p4 system. Of course I realize that it may be inappropriate for my Dh800. I also have a line on a PCI graphics card that I can borrow to test that theory. I have a few older AGP cards laying around but I got rid of my PCI card a long time ago. Thanks for your help on this one Festerovic, there doesn't seem to be a lot of official info on the mobo and this problem has me puzzled. J

    These people are hating on your PSU. A quick search revealed they are really cheap, maybe they don't put out enough power for a dual cpu board... Also, the pics that I found of that power supply show it has a 20 pin connector, and the usual 4 pin connector. Previous to all the 24 pin PSUs, I used to see 20 pin + a 4 pin connector. This 4 pin was loose and not really connected with the 20 pin. Newer power supplies have 24 pin + a 4 pin or 8 pin connector. Even the 20+4 power supplies have the extra 4 pin that goes to the main power physically wired along with the 20 pin part, so its obvious thats what its for. Just a guess.

    Try a new PSU, if that doesn't work, well, you got the board at a yard sale...
  6. Aha, I got it working! It turns out that the PSU had the connectore after all. The 20 pin power plug had a corresponding 4 pin to go along with it. There was also an 8 pin connector but it had worked it's way into a dark corner of my case. I feel like an idiot for not figuring this out sooner but at least I have a working desktop again.
    As far as the negative postings about my power supply, I've never had a problem with mine. Maybe I'm just lucky.
  7. good to hear. I have an inexpensive power supply as well, but I've never had any problems either.
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