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Hi there,

This is the first time I am building my computer, and when I put my motherboard (Asus M4A78-E 790 GX) into my Coolermaster 690 Mid Tower Case after I put in the mobo's I/O shield the motherboard got stuck into all the shield's clips and throngs. To make it worse, I wasn't sure if the cables in the case secured in metal clippings were supposed to be there because I had very little room to put in the motherboard. So now I am scared to do anything as I don't want to destroy my motherboard, so can anyone offer any suggestions?
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  1. Did you put the stand-off's between the motherboard and case?
    If you did not the back-plate would not fit correctly and if you did manage to get it (the back-plate) installed there would be a bind with the plate/MB/Case.
    Not seeing what you have going on, I am just guessing, so if I went down the wrong path bear with me.

    Unplug your Power Supply from the wall socket if it is pluged in.
    Try loosening the MB mounting screws to relieve the bind and press outward on the back-plate from the inside.
  2. Thanks for your reply. It is kind of hard to explain, but I wil try to go in detail. The I/O shield has metal clips and stuff (flimsy metal) used to fit the different connectors on the motherboard, when I tried to put the motherboard in, the motherboard got wedged between the cables and these metal clips. At first I was just trying to see if my motherboard would fit, but now it is stuck.
  3. Is the I/O shield installed from the outside? Try pushing it outwards.

    Relax and take your time. Note where you might be able to free the stuck cables when pushing on the shield. (careful) I dont want to suggest using a screwdriver or other sharp object. Do you have a popcicle stick or similar? If you have to use a screwdriver dont get it stuck in there too...just kidding.

    When you get this all free check the cable insulation for cuts through to bare wire.
  4. Thanks, the I/O shield was unfortunately installed from the inside. The problem with the cables is that there are black bindings to hold it in place in the case. My motherboard is stuck underthese bindings
  5. The binding are not an integral part of the cables are they? If the "bindings" were cut would the MB be free? Are the bindings similar to a nylon wire tie that mounts to the case? If so you could find replacements at Radio Shack, Electrical Supply, Auto Parts Store etc.
  6. the bindings are just plastic things that holds the cables in place. I can take the cables out if I want just by unclipping the the bindings
  7. I just looked at my case manual and it saids the black bindings are called cable clamps (7 of them). It is screwed into the case so I don't think I can remove it. I think it was my own mistake I got myself into this big mess...

    I believe my problem does not lie in the I/O plate or the cable making the thing stuck. Something behind the motherboard is making it hard to take out
  8. You got it in there without breaking it, you are going to get it out without breaking...right? patient. you just havent found the right method yet.

    Do you have silicon grease or KY ? Put a little where you think the MB has to come out from under the tie down.
  9. Whew, I actually got it out! (Well technically my mom did). I pressed the I/O while my mom pulled and we managed to get it out. Thanks for your help though! I just don't know what I should do next, should I remove the cable clamps? I'll try and get you a picture of the case so you know what I mean
  10. What if you grab the Tie-down with a pair of pliers and twist/turn it 90* ?
  11. You are a champ for giving your Mom the credit. Good job both of you!!

    Hi Mom...LOL!

    Here is a photo of the case, the clamps are labeled. Do you think my case will fit?

    My motherboard got stuck between this:

    and the plastic clamps. Once again thanks for all your help
  13. Many people are using the same case and MB configuration.

    Does the side panel come off of the other side? Can you get to the back of the clips and release them, remove without breaking? You could install them later after you have everything up an running like you want.

    Back to my origional question about stand-off's; I dont see the MB stand-offs in the picture. You have to use them. It could be that with the stand-off's installed the MB wont go down far enough for it to get lodged under those clips.
  14. I found out I didn't have any standoffs installed, but I have them in a bag. I'll try and find how I can install them
  15. For the standoffs or risers, do I need to use a screwdriver to tighten them, or are my hands good enough? Thanks
  16. Look at the cable tie at the bottom left of this page;

    The arrow, pointing up, part pushes through a hole and expands back out to hold in place. By squeezing the arrow part the cable will come back off. Yours in your case will be similar type fastening to the case. I know the phyiscal attaching of the cable to the fastener is different. Even if you broke the ones in your case they could be replaced by the ones in the picture(lower left).
  17. Stand-offs should be snug, tighter than hand tight. The threads are small so over tightening will cause them to break.
    Only put them where you have a corresponding hole in the motherboard. Care has to be taken installing the stand-off's
    because if you put one where there isnt a hole in the motherboard the standoff could create a short to ground and ruin you MB or
    other components the very first time you hit the power switch. Capiche?
  18. I don't know how to make the standoffs tighter, but I'll try with a wrench. For the cable ties, I removed them by taking out the cables first then unscrewing it out (the clamps are screwed into the mainboard)
  19. I have to go off-line. Maybe I can check back later but for sure tomorrow.
    Take time to read your Manuals before going any farther. The more information
    you have the less chance of a mistake. You want your first build to be a fond memory of "How I took the time to do it right the first time" Someone will be around to answer questions if you have them even if you have to start a new thread different topic.
  20. Ok thanks for all your help, I'll try my best
  21. Sorry for another question, but it seems I cannot find the 6-32 screws that can be used to secure the motherboard to the spacers. Also, on my case manual it saids the case comes with 20 6-32 screws, but they're already secured in the case (in a row), and they have no use right now, so should I remove them and add it to the motherboard?
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