Can I use two 2 RAM's with different clockspeeds?

I have two slots on my laptop which is expandable up to 2 GB RAM, In one I have DDR2 with 533 MHz and other 667 MHz, As I have already purchased the 667 DDR2 RAM and using it along with 533 one. I came to know from an earlier reply on a similar post that the 667 one would run at 533 which I can not much concerned about, as i would not like to invest money in buying another memory card (if i can avoid it that is).

I am only concerned about any damage this setup might cause to the other parts in the machine, if it causes damage then i would have to buy a new one, please advice.
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  1. Yes, this is possible. Generally the faster RAM will be automatically underclocked to achieve effectively the same speeds. You could attempt to overclock the slower RAM, but I honestly can't see there being much of an increase in performance.
  2. Thanks for the reply regarding 667 one will be under clocked and 533 one will be overclocked, Still i wanted some definite confirmation whether this will spoil the RAM's or any other hardware in the notebook.

    Also can you please let me know how to overclock the slower RAM or is it better to under clock the faster one? I donot know how to do it.
  3. You will not damage anything in your lappy from using a faster stick that the system slows down paired with the 533MHz stick you already have in there,
    and after the systems slowed down the faster stick, I wouldn't try overclocking the slow one, might get messy with altered timings and speed.
    put it in if you wish, but then leave it alone is my advice
  4. Yeah it shouldn't hurt anything, but the faster memory will have to be limited by whatever settings the slower RAM can run at - the slower timings and/or speed. Otherwise it won't really be an issue.
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