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hey i'm looking for a quick budget upgraded to my relic of a P4.
this is fairly temporary, and my desire for a purchase is that i found some great sales. its for a pc that will be used generally for gaming, nothing hardcore, it's actually for my younger brother.

inside i have and am keeping:
ASUS 9600GT video card 512mb
500W Antec Power Supply
2GB Corsair DDR PC3200 ram
200GB HDD 16mb cache

i will replace the processor and motherboard, and maybe the RAM if necessary, and am looking at some lower end stuff like i said it's very cheap (sale).

CPU: Intel E5200 2.5GHz 2MB cache 45nm @ for 86.99 CAD
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EG31M-ES2L @ for 64.87 CAD
or ASUS P5KPL-CM @ for 73.85 CAD

I live in Canada and NCIX is the best for us because it's only 5% tax and no chance of brokerage by shipping from over the border. Is it worth grabbing 2 gigs of DDR2 RAM as well for another 50$ or should the old stuff be ok. Any other opinions on these purchases or advice on what I should get would be greatly appreciated. THANKS ALL
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  1. Well if you're buying old parts, you may want to try ebay and buy second hand, like me, since I can't wait for Sandy Bridge and I don't want to waste money on a short lifed i7 or old socket 775's, and I just started to get computer geeky this year.

    If you want to buy new, I'd suggest a phenom 720 and any gigabyte or asus board with just one pcie16 slot, like the m4a78 pro, which you can use with cheap ddr2 memory. Yea you'll need to throw out that old ddr since it's waaaay outdated, or give it to me :D for my old P4 that's still chugging along as an electricity slurping home server :).

    Totally support NCIX, I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one on this forum not using Newegg. The canadian Newegg stinks.
  2. NCIX FTW!

    I'm sure you could get 2gb RAM for much less than $50.
    How's this, though?
  3. Looks alright... it's really up to you which one to buy. NCIX combo's really don't save you any money at all if you do a price match, they just want to get rid of items that don't sell.

    And yes, you can get 2g of ddr2 800mhz for $20 canadian after MIR. As a matter of fact, NCIX had a sale with 4g (2x2) corsair 800mhz at 5-5-5-18 latency for $18 after rebates, and also offered free shipping with the purchase of a $20 gift card, so it was a steal. I've bought Corsair memory twice, and got my MIR's both times.
  4. Would the performance on the Anthlon X2 7850 vs the E5200 be comparable, I've heard good things about both, but I'm also fairly to to the tech-geek squad--they are also almost exactly the same price with their respective motherbaords. I plan for mild overclocking nothing heavy, probably just with stock cooling, but definetly air cooled either way. As for the RAM 4GB (2x2) is solid for anything under 50$. I am hoping to keep this all under 200$. thanks again and yes NCIX is greta especially if you live out of B.C..
  5. The Athlon would have a small edge in performance.
  6. I believe you will need to replace Motherboard cpu (reason for the upgrade) ram (yours is DDR and now you will need DDR2/DDR3) and vid card (I would guess yours is a AGP and will need pcie)
  7. With a decent motherboard and a good cooler, people here have been overclocking E5200's in excess of 4 GHz.
  8. its unlikely i'll be doing any heavy overclocking. low-mild overclock, and just with the stock cooler i'm actually broke because i just bought a bik for over $1500. as far as RAM i will definetly upgrade to at least two, maybe 4 gigs depending on price, but will the AMD X2 7850 vs the E5200 be a difference worth noting, like i said they are within 5$ price of each other. Am I losing or gaining performance with the X2 7850? and no my card is PCIE.
  9. You are gaining performance at stock to mild OCs, losing performance with heavy OCs. Also, the motherboard will support future AMD cpus until at least 2011.
  10. How do you know 2011? If what smithereen says is true, I'm certainly not buying AMD until they make a new socket. Rather get a new mobo than sacrifice performance and complete compatibility.... which is why I sold my new AM3, after thinking over that the cpu's weren't operating at their full potential, with an old socket. I may be wrong though...

    Anyways, AMD gives out cheap OCing cpu's, where as Intel cpu's that are unlocked cost thousands of dollars. AMD's unlocked cpu's just cost like 20 bucks more, and are usually the best of their batch.
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